Hints, Tips & Advice

We all need help with new ventures at some stage or other.  And even seasoned professionals can find Q&As useful too.  This section provides bags of useful hints, tips and advice.  If you can’t find the answer here, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do to get the answers you need

How to protect chickens from foxes

Chickens and Stress

Did You Know – Chicken ears and egg colour

Talking chicken!

How to hypnotize a chicken

Dog Training with a Chicken – Reducing Prey Drive

Keeping Poultry – A review of some books, manuals and guides

Keeping Quail – Getting Started

Keeping Geese – Getting Started

Keeping Turkeys – Getting Started

What To Feed Chickens at Different Life Stages

Bantam chickens – a short guide

Grow Your Own Chicken Feed

How Much Feed Does a Chicken Eat?

Natural vs Chemicals

General Info – Q&A


2 thoughts on “Hints, Tips & Advice

  1. halcyontimes

    Great website… I tried to read the first six posts on your Hints, Tips & Advice page but I kept getting redirected to another page that says: You are not allowed to edit this item.. Talk about building suspense… 🙂 We enjoy your blog and will be regular visitors.


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