Housing, Coops & Runs

Of course, it’s essential that your poultry has somewhere to live, not only to rest in at night, but for egg laying and avoiding bad weather and predators.  Coops and runs come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple and efficient, to the ornate and grandiose.  The articles on this page are designed to help you understand better the whys and wherefores of putting together your birds new home.

The future of chicken coops?


Keeping Poultry – A review of some books, manuals and guides

Keeping Guinea Fowl – Getting Started

Keeping Turkeys – Getting Started

Keeping Quail – Getting Started

Keeping Geese – Getting Started

Keeping Chickens In Your Backyard

How To Keep Free Range Chickens

Keeping Freerange Chickens: Are You Ready?

Urban Duck Keeping

Why Keep Freerange Chickens?

Building A Chicken Run

Choosing the Right Chicken Coop


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