Health & Welfare Of Your Poultry

Chicken First Aid

Your chickens, geese and ducks are a part of your family, and so deserve the best care and attention possible. The articles on this page are intended to help you maintain your little flocks best health and welfare.

Poultry Diseases Up Close – Newcastle Disease

Poultry Diseases Up Close – Gape Worm or Syngamus Trachea

Poultry Diseases Up Close – Sour Crop

Poultry Diseases Up Close – Marek’s Disease

Poultry Diseases Up Close – Coccidiosis

Poultry Illnesses, Symptoms and Treatments


How to protect chickens from foxes

Hens eject unwelcome mates

Rebirth of the Guinea Hens

Gapeworm a perennial problem for game bird producers

Raising Turkeys from Poults

Chicken farmer uses oregano oil, cinnamon in place of antibiotics

Chicken mites

Scaly Leg Mite Treatment – With Photos

Keeping Poultry – A review of some books, manuals and guides

Uh Oh! Chickens and Toxic Plants

Natural vs Chemicals

How Much Feed Does a Chicken Eat?

Grow Your Own Chicken Feed

What foods NOT to feed your chickens

The British Hen Welfare Trust

What is Chicken Out!?

The Five Freedoms for Poultry

Chicken illnesses and how to treat them

What To Feed Chickens at Different Life Stages

Why Does Your Chicken Need Grit?


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