Of course poultry is often in the news, with stories ranging from a serious outbreak of bird flu, to lighthearted stories of man’s relationships with his avian friends.  You’ll find it all right here in the news section.

Ducking the history books

Sitting ducks

Try To Stay Calm

Japanese quail farming possesses enormous potential

‘Margo’ extols the virtues of chickens at the South of England Show

How the chicken lost it’s manhood

School pupils devastated after chicken theft

Flooding Causes Attack On Wildlife Volunteer

Geese given reprieve in Illinois

Michael Mansfield QC Defends Geese and calls for Fortnum & Mason to end Foie Gras

Four-vehicle accident after drivers let ducks cross highway

The iconic Oviedo chicken may get the axe

Crying fowl: lawsuit over bag of chicken nuggets

Abbotsford apologizes for spreading chicken manure at homeless camp

The Father of the Chicken Nugget – A Kickstarter Campaign

Kindergarten Class Rescues Ducklings

Ducking security

HP Goose Warning

Consumer Reports Investigation of Ground Turkey in the USA

FDA Sued for Concealing Records on Arsenic in Poultry Feed

Study: Pre-stun shocks affect meat quality and profits

Chef Gordon Ramsey under fire for selling foi gras cruelty

US study exposes arsenic in poultry production

Goose family rescue

‘Sound fence’ keeps geese off private property

Daring rescue gives duck tale happy ending

Geese and goslings rescued from roof of six-story warehouse

More than 700,000 Brits now keep chickens

Stop ‘The Rotten Egg’ Bill

Boy raised with chickens

‘Barbaric’ attack on geese and a swan in North Yorkshire

Abbotsford youth identified and fined in ‘sickening’ goose attack

A poultry PR Stunt

The Goosinator

Safety concerns for Beyton geese

A chicken wrap

Supermarkets ditch their ban on GM-fed chickens

Seoul’s Chicken Art Museum – A Place of All Things Fowl

The Robotic Chicken Butcher

How a dead duck changed my life

Surfing Geese

Hen one minute, gone the next

Hatching a new business

Virginia says “NO” to backyard chickens

Bad taste chickens?

Residents of a Northampton care home help to raise baby chickens

Wall of death


The Peabody ducks retire

Weather for ducks

California quail found in Scottish garden

Chickens help fight cancer

Women’s chicken cooperatives improving Afghan nutrition

A New Way to Help Chickens Cross to Other Side

Virginia says “NO” to backyard chickens

Two juveniles arrested in geese-beating case in North Carolina

Keep Off The Grass

Bright idea to keep Canada geese at bay

Nasa launch rubber chicken in UK woman’s knitted suit

3 Dirty Chicken Facts Exposed

PETA demand naked chickens taken off supermarket shelves

Coming home to roost in a roundabout way

Female chickens made male in Japanese experiment

Do roosters really know what time it is?

Goblinproofing your chicken coop!

Bird flu scare costs China poultry sector $1.6 billion


Dinochicken – the sequel

When urban chickens go wild

Fast food chicken goes boneless for a new generation

Prostate Cancer: Fatal Chicken Virus is ‘Promising Treatment’

Gynandromorph chicken

Boom in urban chicken-keepers may be harmful to birds

Shanghai closes poultry markets over bird flu

Chickens – You’re counting!

The Chooks Debutante

Deer Mother Goose

Chicken Run Rescue

A turkey called Cranberry

The very odd couple

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Duck fathers a chicken, offering hope for extinct species


Moby Duck

The British Hen Welfare Trust

Chicken Out!


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