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The Egg-Cellent Guide to Chicken Breeds


‘Margo’ extols the virtues of chickens at the South of England Show

Tom and Barbara would have been proud of ‘Margo’ aka Penelope Keith who has turned to the ‘Good Life’ to own her own flock of chickens.

Penelope was in Mid Sussex yesterday (Thursday) when she opened the 2013 South of England Show at Ardingly.

During a brief speech she extolled the virtues of chickens and urged everyone to own them, and if they were not able to, to buy free range, British eggs.

Penelope played Margo Leadbetter, one of the nation’s favourite TV characters in the 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’, Her fellow characters,

Tom and Barbara Good, played by the late Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal, turned their suburban garden into a smallholding where they grew all their own food and kept chickens and pigs, much to the simmering disquiet of posh neighbour, Margo, and her husband, Jerry.

Penelope is the 2012/13 president of the South of England Agricultural Society and opened this year’s premier agricultural show on the first of its three days.

The opening ceremony was conducted outside the new World of Poultry exhibition, which is key to the society’s 2013 theme of ‘Poultry’

Source: http://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/news/local/video-margo-extols-the-virtues-of-chickens-at-the-south-of-england-show-1-5172182

A Chicken Poll

Lesson 777 – Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard – interview

This is a great blog by Wendy Thomas about the ethical chicken farmer Forrest Pritchard and his new book Gaining Ground.

Lessons Learned from the Flock

gaining groundHey folks, there’s a new farming/organic living book out that is generating a lot of buzz. Written by Forrest Pritchard (and with a foreword by Joel Salatin) Gaining Ground is the true story of how a young man chose to take on the task of literally saving the family farm by turning it into an ethical and profitable way to make a living.

It’s a great story filled with ups and downs, humor and life lessons. In short, it’s the kind of book that makes you feel good after reading it. That’s the kind of story that I love most to read.

You can tell me about an adventure and I might read your book, but tell me how that adventure changed you and what you learned as a result and chances are, your book will make it to my reading list. Gaining Ground falls in the latter category, it…

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Cage free, free range and pastured – what does it really mean?

You think you know what ‘cage free’ is right?  Probably even the term, ‘free range‘?  But do you know what they really mean and why a new term, ‘pastured’ is coming into prominence?  This brilliant little film from PBS will reveal all.


Running Time: 6:00
[featuring David Evans, Alexis Koefoed, Nancy Gleason]
produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
directed and written by Douglas Gayeton
edited and animated by Pier Giorgio Provenzano

Can learning the meaning of a single term actually help change the food system?  David Evans and Alexis Koefoed think so.  These poultry farmers explain the real story behind such terms as “cage free, “free range” and “pasture raised” so that consumers can make informed decisions when they go to their local supermarket.


David Evans
A third generation farmer in West Marin, David raises pastured poultry and grassfed beef for customers across the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Marin Sun Farms
“Pasture Management”
Inverness, CA

Alexis Koefoed
Soul Food Farm
“Pasture Raised vs. Cage Free
Vacaville, CA


It’s a multiplatform project based on a simple premise: people can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability.  Filmmaker/photographer Douglas Gayeton and producer Laura Howard-Gayeton have crisscrossed the United States to learn this new language of sustainability from its foremost practitioners.  Their unusual “crowd-sourcing” approach allows the public to suggest ideas and even host shows of the work. These methods have helped transform their grassroots project into an international organization with volunteers across the globe.

Please take a look: http://www.lexiconofsustainability.com/