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Kathryn and Michael Vogelenzang

In 2009 Home4Hens was founded by Kathryn and Michael Vogelenzang in Dumfries and Galloways to become the first chicken rescue and rehoming organisation in Scotland.

Their mandate was simple, to give commercial laying hens a future after farming. Their aim, to help to provide a free-range retirement for ex-laying hens otherwise destined for slaughter.

”We launched our hen rescue after collecting 6 hens to keep as pets from a local farm. Within 30 minutes of watching the hens explore their new lifestyle we realized that we wanted to do more so we returned the following day and brought home 20 more hens! The urge to provide a better future for ex-commercial hens grew with our enjoyment of watching them and so we decided to launch Homes4Hens.”

PictureHome4Hense buy ‘commercially spent’ hens from UK farmers who support the work of the charity.  The girls are treated to a health check up, ensuring their best care and attention before releasing them to loving homes.

If you choose to re-home a few hens from Home4Hens we’re sure you will find it as rewarding an experience as we do. Not only are you providing commercial chickens with a well earned retirement and saving them from slaughter but they also reward you with great eggs and great entertainment.

Website: http://www.homes4hens.co.uk/index.html

Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Homes4Hens-Battery-Hen-Rescue/311860965493589?fref=ts


California quail found in Scottish garden

California quailAn animal charity believes that two California quail found in a garden in Kilmarnock may have escaped from the home of an owner.

The Scottish SPCA was called in after a family in the town’s Glasgow Road spotted the birds on Thursday morning.

The quail were taken to the charity’s Ayrshire and south west Scotland rescue centre, where staff have named them Queenie and Quentin.

Anyone who knows the birds owner is asked to contact the Scottish SPCA.

The charity’s animal rescue officer, Gavin Law, said: “A family were sitting down to breakfast when they saw the quail land in their back garden. I think they were enticed by bird food left out.


“After a bit of running around, I managed to usher Queenie and Quentin into the family’s greenhouse and safely contain them.

“Although they were reluctant to let me catch them, they do seem quite comfortable around humans, suggesting they have been kept as pets.”

Mr Law said the birds did not have any identification tags and it was likely that had “escaped from home”.

He added: “They’re very unusual birds so we’re hoping someone will recognise them. If no-one comes forward, we’ll be looking to find Queenie and Quentin a suitable new home.”

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-22252235